“The Park” Movie Review: A More than Intreresting B-series Film

The Park
Martin Cid Martin Cid

The Park is a film written and directed by Shal Ngo starring Carli McIntyre, Billy Slaughter, Laura Coover and Carmina Garay among others.

An interesting premise, different, well made, but sustained by a literary spirit. Plus, it has a story to tell and character development is included.

Doesn’t that make B-Series sound better?


In a dystopian future, a virus kills humans once they reach puberty. Only children are left. This is the story of a group of young people in a park who fight against their own nature.

About the Film

A great little surprise in the form of Lord of the Flies in its plot and with a clear touch of The Purge in its look. A film that gets the most out of its actors, knows how to take advantage of its aesthetics and its plot and, worthwhile in its premise, knows how to take itself seriously, with just the right amount but without being too transcendent.

The Park
The Park

Many aesthetic ideas, well combined in an original dystopia that knows how to get into the apocalyptic plot and, at the same time, get out of it in terms of treatment.

The Park is different, imaginative, and manages – with next to nothing – to create a film, an atmosphere and a story of “that nothing” which, in the end, is more than transcendent: the struggle to remain in that dystopian Neverland.

The young actors are brilliant, about whom we can say that, nowadays, they are all (or almost all) Hollywood stars.

Congratulations to the creators of this film that has really surprised us in all its aspects and that shows that, with almost nothing, you can also make good movies.

(And the other way around, too).

Enjoy it.

The Park
The Park

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