‘The Price We Pay’ (2022) Movie Review

The Price We Pay is a 2022 thriller movie with Stephen Dorff, Sabina Mach and Erika Ervin. It is directed by Ryûhei Kitamura and written by Christopher Jolley.

The Price We Pay is a movie that is a combination of horror and thriller. The cast should make it work, the idea is good too, the script… something else again. This is a movie that always resorts to simple easy things and finds shelter in clichés and exaggerations to offer us a movie that does not catch our attention because what it is after is precisely that and which it does excessively.

About the Movie

This is a B series movie with a Blockbusters spirit of those years and very little originality in some of its proposals. The Price We Pay starts in a gas station (ideal setting that is almost a genre in itself) and defines itself as a “dirty” horror movie, a B series that is out to try and grab our attention by being brusque instead of its construction, it is an attempt to impact us with its ferocity than trying to “make a movie”.

It improves, but we don´t know if the viewer will stand this presentation and those characters that assumedly are at their limits and consume themselves in the action without being defined, and let themselves be carried away all the time by a plot that on the other hand, is not exceptional in any way beyond the bestiality of what is shown.

The Price We Pay
The Price We Pay (2022)

We are not convinced by The Price We Pay nor does it reach the impact it seeks almost desperately with plot twists that are unjustified and are artificial every time.

And, if an attempt is to salvage movies on technical aspects… there are moments in this film in which people don´t seem to have worried too much about it once they read the script nor did they pretend to reach any conclusion or convince anyone in a movie that without any direction of its characters, is lost in a plot that is not convincing.

The Price We Pay
The Price We Pay (2022)

Our Opinion

Unfortunately, this project fails despite how much we like Stephen Dorff.

We are sorry we cannot recommend this movie.


Ryûhei Kitamura

Ryûhei Kitamura


'The Price We Pay' (2022) Movie Review
Emile Hirsch / Adam
'The Price We Pay' (2022) Movie Review
Tyler Sanders / Danny
'The Price We Pay' (2022) Movie Review
Stephen Dorff / Cody
'The Price We Pay' (2022) Movie Review
Vernon Wells /The Doctor

Erika Ervin
Gigi Zumbado
Sabina Mach
Tanner Zagarino
Eleanor Burke
Jesse Kinser

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