Tusk – Movie 2014: Reviews

Tusk is a 2014 comedy-horror movie directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks). Starring Justin Long y Michael Parks. With Johnny Depp and his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, in a little role.

A very strange, bizarre and eccentric movie.

We do love it!


A prankster boy is kidnapped by a crazy old man who decides to transform him into a walrus.

Tusk (2014)
Tusk (2014)

Our Opinion

A narrative exercise and a very clever joke well narrated.

The Director

Kevin Smith

Depositphotos 13024305 XL
Kevin Smith “Southland Tales” Premiere AFI Film Festival ArcLight Theaters Los Angeles, CA November 2, 2007 ©2007 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo. Depostiphotos

Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker and actor known for movies such as Clerks and Chasing Amy.

Kevin Patrick Smith was born on August 2, 1970 in Red Bank, New Jersey, United States.

We love him. A nice guy who plays Silent Bob in several of his films (his first appearance was in Clerks).

He is the director and producer of a bizarre satire called Wolf-cop and the author of the outré comedy film Tusk (2014), which we recommend.

In September 2022, his latest directorial work will be released, Clerks III.

Movie Reviews

“A cult-ready oddity anchored by Michael Parks’s inspired performance.”

John DeFore: The Hollywood Reporter

“If you’re a Kevin Smith junkie, as I am, you’ll appreciate the verbal pinwheels he spins around the horror genre in ‘Tusk’.

Peter Travers: Rolling Stone
Tusk (2014)
Tusk (2014)

Official Movie Trailer

Tusk | Official Trailer HD | A24

Cast & Crew

Martin Cid
Martin Cid
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