The importance of culture in crisis times

Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Humanity is met with an unparalleled challenge. The COVID-19 crisis has an impact on all facets of our lives: public health, labor structures, social engagement and political discourse, the use of public spaces, the economy, the environment and cultural life.

Culture is a vital component of what forms human life-long experience. In this present scenario, where billions of people are physically separated from each other, it is a community that connects and brings us together. It not only offered a sense of security, motivation, but also a hope for a better future at a time of uncertainty. While we depend on culture to solve this crisis, there is no denying that culture is still suffering.

photo of woman portrait wall art 1154198 scaled 3How culture can make a real impact

  • Culture has a strong influence on the person. It’s going to strike the right chord of your life.
  • By means of culture, people have a chance to acquire the requisite awareness of the natural world in which they live. Such awareness helps to survive under different conditions and to be adapted to different challenges and problem.
  • It drives behavior and has the ability to properly organize relations between people and the norms according to which these people have to live.
  • With the aid of cultural understanding, people know what actions are appropriate in this community and what actions need to be avoided.
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Culture is a strong and necessary instrument used by people to adjust to their environment, to perceive the personal experience of this world and to organize their own thoughts and acts. Culture makes human life possible in a number of ways, such as organization, adaptation and perception.

When the crisis has struck, society is put to the test. As a result, the protection of identity is becoming a priority. It’s not always easy to see, but culture produces a coherent community and has an impact on business success. In times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for leaders to reflect on what culture is, why it matters, and the changes that can lead you to an effective culture that meets the goals of your organization.

At a time when billions of people are physically separate from each other, culture has put us together, held us together and cut the gap between us. It gave comfort, inspiration and optimism in a time of great anxiety and uncertainty.

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