The Artistic Story of India

Every countryside, each city in India has a story to say. From the mahals constructed during the Mughal reign to the mansions of the British empire, Indian art is a mixed breed of not only its own country but also from the various invaded cultures that were brought along.

Exploration of the Artistic roots

The beginning of cultural diversity draws down to the early age when various tribes used to dwell in this country. Their pictorial form of language, their identification tattoos and their source of entertainment in form of tribal dance and songs, all of these have great heritage and historical value to form the base of Indian art.

The reign of Mughals gave some extravagant twists to the art of Indian culture. Monuments that were constructed during this time holds special importance in this land of culture and enhances the legacy of Indian art. In spite of the fact that Mughal rulers were known for their ruthlessness, each one of them had keen interest towards various art form such as portraits, sculptures, statues, etc. they had various poets in their king court to write about their artistic aura. They used to hire writers so that they had their biographies forever even after their death. Some of them used to write for themselves. ‘Jalsaghar’ used to be a special kind of entertainment night which had dancers, musicians, food and drinks for the king courtiers.

The Artistic Story of India

The modern-day Entertainment

Even in current day scenario, India has a lot of diversities in terms of art, culture and entertainment. The linguistic difference which has been brought down since early age still exist and thus forms the co-existence of various culture. Each one has their own beliefs, traditions, language, entertainment medium yet all combine and exist together in one India.


India is also known as the king of cinema as it produces most movies than any other country in the world. And movie in India gas a great role in formulating the identity of India’s post-independence. Each of the major language in India supports the industry with buzzwords such as Bollywood, for Hindi, Kollywood for Tamil, Tollywood for Bengali and many more.


Similar to Indian cinema, festivals in India is notable for their colour, cheerfulness and celebratory gaze. Diwali is celebrated for admiring Lord Rama’s returning from the exile. It is resembled with fire works and lighting of lamp.

Technological enhancements further lead to wide source of entertainment opportunities such as films, serials, soap operas, etc, but in an Indian style. Open air music festivals are well adapted to some of the Indian festivals such as Holi. Overall Indian entertainment has never forgotten to enhance its roots even after inculcating foreign style.

The land of India has tales from each age to say. It has pictures inculcated in the mind of every Indian and each one who visits India of the overwhelming art each house has to say. Each building in India, has witnessed its own struggle story.

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Martin Cid
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