Dita Von Teese Shares Secrets to Flirting Confidently This Valentine’s Day With Lashify, Her Go-To Lashes for Stage and Everyday

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to romance, it’s all about the eyes—and this Valentine’s Day, who better to offer tips on flirting with your eyes than burlesque icon, model and businesswoman, Dita Von Teese! Widely credited for reviving the art of burlesque, Dita Von Teese has captivated international designers, celebrities and the world with her elaborate stage shows, couture costumes and Golden Age-inspired makeup.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we caught up with the burlesque icon in the midst of her 21-stop Glamonatrix Tour, running through February 24, 2023. Dita shared secrets for seducing with the eyes—whether during an intimate date or amongst an audience of thousands—and how Lashify is an essential element of her timeless glamour. Dita has relied on the innovative Lashify DIY lash extension system for years to create her on and off-stage looks, mixing and matching Lashify’s 20+ styles of Gossamer® lashes for endless creative freedom, drama and seduction.

What are your tips for creating a seductive eye for Valentine’s Day? Which Lashify Gossamers® best achieve this look?

“My go-to Lashify look depends on whether I’m planning to go on a Valentine’s date, a Galentine’s date, or performing. For a date, I would choose the Drama+ Gossamer® lash. If I’m performing––and this year I am taking over The Chicago Theatre on February 14th (it’s a huge theater!)––you’ll see my Starburst lashes in lengths 12mm-20mm all the way up to the upper balcony!”

What’s the key to flirting with confidence?

“The key to flirting is to be confident and act naturally—be yourself. For me, this means thinking about self-seduction more than anything, and taking care of yourself in everyday life. Things like indulging in beautiful lingerie for everyday glamour, rather than just for date night. Wearing the perfume you love and creating a poetic space for yourself at home are also part of a self-care ritual. It’s not about pursuing someone or trying too hard. Finding your own confidence and pleasure is really attractive.”

You’re known for your gorgeous lashes. Do you have a favorite daytime Lashify look?

“I love to change it up with my Lashify looks. Even though you can wear Lashify for up to ten days, I wear them for three or four days because I love to play with various styles. My go-to Gossamer® lash styles are Drama, Starburst, and Extreme Ice. I love wearing the Extreme lashes in short lengths for an Elizabeth Taylor look. What I love about Lashify is I can wake up with gorgeous lashes, put on a touch of concealer, powder and red lipstick, and be glamorously out the door in minutes.”

What do you love most about Lashify?

“Lashify has totally liberated my beauty routine. For day-to-day, all I need is Lashify, no eye makeup. For special occasions, I add my signature cat eye and I go with thicker, dimensional and stacked lashes.

I have naturally blond hair, and light, skimpy lashes. I LOVE Lashify because it gives me confidence without the hassle or damage of salon lash extensions, or even having to apply strip lashes (which frankly I hate). Once you try Lashify, you can see why the self-proclaimed ‘Lashifiends’ love them so much. It’s truly the most exciting beauty innovation I have witnessed in my lifetime. It’s hard to imagine that before Sahara Lotti invented this new method, people had been wearing the same type of lashes for the better part of 85 years. And there’s no imitators that can come close to her patented system.”

If you could double date with any of your favorite glamour icons this Valentine’s Day, who would you choose?

“It would be most thrilling to double date with Mae West because she’d undoubtedly be accompanied by a bevy of musclemen, not just one. And Marlene Dietrich for sure, as I’d love to see what she would wear. With Marlene, I would also like to witness what I am sure would be the highest level of nonchalant seduction known to mankind.”

Describe your fantasy Valentine’s Day date.

“Well, I believe romance should be a year-round priority. Remember, romance doesn’t depend on another person to provide it to you. My Valentine’s Day fantasy is happening this year: a sold-out show at one of the most iconic American stages…The Chicago Theatre! Honestly, for me, performing on Valentine’s Day is my ultimate… I’m surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world! To top it all off, there is champagne, roses, lingerie, sensuality, eroticism! It really is the ultimate Valentine’s date with 3,500 of the most stylish and elegant people you’ve ever seen. I can’t wait!”

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