Hajime Sorayama × Stella McCartney Limited – Edition starts from 6th December

Hajime Sorayama is please to announce his collaboration with the luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney.

Hajime Sorayama and Stella McCartney have joined forces on a limited edition unisex capsule, blending shared codes of desire, design and technology. The title Stella McCartney + Sorayama, It marks the second collaboration between the two long-time friends –  using fashion and art to communicate messages of sustainability and powerful sensuality to a rising generation.
In addition to the artworks selected by Sorayama, he created a new piece for the capsule.

The Stella McCartney + Sorayama limited-edition capsule arrives in-store in two drops: the first in December 2023 and the second in January 2024.


Official Website: Stella McCartney
Capsule collection website: Stella McCartney + Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama
Hajime Sorayama ©Hajime Sorayama. Courtesy of NANZUKA

Hajime Sorayama graduated from Chubi Central Art School in 1969, and had initially spent some time working with an advertising company. Since becoming freelance in 1972, he has established his position as a legendary artist both within Japan and abroad, armed with his astounding sense of realistic expressional techniques. Sorayama’s extensive oeuvre that centers upon an on-going pursuit for beauty regarding the human body and the machine has continued to receive high international acclaim, and his signature body of work entitled, the “Sexy Robot” series (1978-) had served to establish his world-wide reputation.

Sorayama’s creative practice transcends the boundaries of genre and take fruit in truly diverse forms, such as working with Sony on the concept design for their entertainment robot ‘AIBO’ in 1999, and providing the artwork for the cover of world-renown rock band Aerosmith’s 2001 album ‘Just Push Play’ (2001). In 2023, Sorayama’s “Sexy Robot” attracted tremendous attention when it appeared on the stage of The Weekend’s “After Hours Til Dawn Second Leg” global stadium tour. He has also worked with various fashion brands, achieving great success for his collaboration with designer Kim Jones on the Dior Men collection in 2018.

In recent years his works have also been presented widely in various exhibitions throughout the world. 

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