9dcc Launches First-Ever On-Chain Luxury Fashion Collection in Paris

9dcc is thrilled to unveil a collection of "Networked Products" that fuses fashion with lifestyle during the upcoming NFT Paris and Paris Fashion Week 2024, marking a debut that masterfully blends effortless...

The Fabricant Reinvents ‘DEEP’ Collection With Cutting-Edge AI Innovation

Amsterdam, Netherlands December 20th 2023 - The Fabricant, a leader of high-quality digital fashion, is presenting a reinterpretation of its first AI designed collection...

Hajime Sorayama × Stella McCartney Limited – Edition starts from 6th December

Hajime Sorayama is please to announce his collaboration with the luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney.Hajime Sorayama and Stella McCartney have joined forces on a...

Watches Led by Distinguished Makers and Iconic Designs

On Wednesday, October 25th at 10 am Eastern, Rago/Wright will present Watches, showcasing excellence in design from historic and luxurious makers. Particular standouts include two...

The Messika High Jewelry Show Lights Up Fashion Week

Maison Messika is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the world of High Jewelry during a third spectacular fashion show.

Designing Sweatshirts Online: The Future of Fashion

In this era, the world has witnessed a transformation in various aspects, including the creation of personalized clothing. One emerging trend that has gained...

Pandora unveils three new lab-grown diamond collections and campaign declaring “Diamonds for All”

Pamela Anderson, Grace Coddington, Justina Miles and more help Pandora redefine long-held diamond conventions, taking diamond jewellery from special occasions to something special for every day.

The Fabricant | Fashion that goes digital while inspiring new trends in real life attire

If you have not seen this yet, you must.... it is groundbreaking

A Step Closer to Sustainable Fashion | Recover™ and Lands’ End to Collaborate in Launch of a Low-Impact Denim Collection

The two companies have partnered together to develop sustainable denim pieces, all of which contain 20% of Recover’s recycled cotton fiber produced from textile waste scraps.

AEHEE NEW YORK | A New Line Striving for Sustainability with No-Sew Leather Handbags Made in New York

AEHEE NEW YORK, strives for environmentally-conscious fashion, betting on the no-sew, vegetable-tanned leather handbag production. Meticulously crafted in their New York studio, this handbag embodies AEHEE's core philosophy, where the realms of style and sustainability seamlessly intersect.