MADferia 2024: Celebrating 20 Years of Performing Arts Excellence

MADferia, the premier Performing Arts Fair of the Community of Madrid, is proud to announce its 20th edition in 2024. As the only performing arts fair held in the city of Madrid, MADferia continues to attract over 400 performing arts professionals from both national and international stages each year.

For the second consecutive year, MADferia will extend its duration to five days, from June 17 to June 21, and will decentralize its activities with programming in Coslada and Alcalá de Henares, in addition to its traditional venues at Matadero Madrid, Cuarta Pared, and Teatros del Canal.

This year’s event will feature 21 performing arts shows and more than 10 activities specifically designed for professionals in the field.

MADferia, founded in 2005 and promoted by ARTEMAD (Association of Performing Arts Producing Companies of the Community of Madrid), is a platform dedicated to showcasing the latest creations in Spanish performing arts. It offers a cutting-edge program of small- and medium-format performances with a keen focus on productions from the Community of Madrid. The fair’s programming spans theater, dance, circus, family shows, music, street theater, and multidisciplinary proposals. Over its five-day duration, it provides an extensive range of activities aimed at fostering reflection and networking among industry professionals.

MADferia enjoys the collaboration of the Community of Madrid, the City of Madrid, and the Ministry of Culture-INAEM. Additional support comes from Naves del Español, Matadero Madrid, the Arganzuela District, Teatros del Canal, the City of Coslada, the Government of Navarra, the 21 Districts program, Sala Cuarta Pared, and Hotel Gran Legazpi. It also maintains collaboration agreements with Galicia Escena PRO (Performing Arts Fair of Galicia) and the Iberian Theater Fair of Fundão (Portugal), which bring a Galician and Portuguese company to the event each year. Furthermore, the Ibero-American Festival of the Golden Century – Classics in Alcalá contributes two shows to the artistic program.

Dama dictadura de la compañía Hermanas Picohueso - foto de Joan Porcel
Dama dictadura de la compañía Hermanas Picohueso – foto de Joan Porcel

A Diverse Program for MADferia’s 20th Anniversary

To celebrate 20 years of excellence, MADferia 2024 features 21 productions from eight autonomous communities, as well as a piece from Portugal. These performances will be showcased over five days across eight different venues: Naves del Español, Matadero Madrid, Teatros del Canal, Sala Cuarta Pared, La Jaramilla Cultural Center, Teatro Municipal de Coslada, Corral de Comedias, and Teatro Salón Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares, within the framework of the Ibero-American Festival of the Golden Century – Classics in Alcalá.

Artistic Director Javier Pérez Acebrón has curated this year’s selection from over 1,032 submissions. Highlights include:

  • Theater from the Community of Madrid: “Nuestros muertos” by Micomicón Teatro, “Cucaracha con paisaje de fondo” by Mujer en obras, “Por la gracia” by Impromadrid Teatro, “Las noches malas de Amir Shrinyan” by Teatro del Astillero and Nigredo Teatro, and the multidisciplinary proposal “La distancia. Cápsulas de memoria” by Société Mouffette (Madrid) and COMA14 (Illes Balears).
  • Theater from Other Regions: “La Tuerta” by Nueve de nueve Teatro (Aragón and Madrid), “Feriantes” by El Patio Teatro (La Rioja), and “Dama dictadura” by Hermanas Picohueso (Illes Balears).
  • Dance: “VAV” by Daniel Abreu (Madrid), “Glass House” by Ogmia (Madrid), “Madrileña” by Cristina Cazorla (Spanish dance and bolero school), “Halley” by Led Silhouette (Navarra), “Cowards” by Àngel Duran Performing Arts (Catalonia), and “Verbena” by Colectivo Lamajara (Catalonia).
  • Circus: “Spiralis” by Bool (Catalonia), “El ventrílocuo” by Figueroa and Company (Madrid), and “Arròs” by Anna Mateu (Valencia).
  • Family Shows: “Marceline” by La petita malumaluga (Catalonia), “El carnaval animal” by Luz, micro y punto (Asturias), and “Crisálida” by Caramuxo Teatro (Galicia), in collaboration with Galicia Escena PRO.
Martha Lucas
Martha Lucas
Martha Lucas is passionate about film and literature. She is working on her first novel and writes articles. In charge of the theater and books sections at MCM. Seville, Spain.
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