As the Gods Will (2014) – An original Japanese horror film: escape rooms, comedy, and a touch of gore

As the Gods Will
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As the Gods Will is a horror movie directed by Takashi Miike starring Sota Fukushi, Sota Fukushi, Hirona Yamazaki, and Mio Yuki. It is based on the manga by Akeji Fujimura and Muneyuki Kaneshiro.

Did you know that some of the ideas behind Netflix’s hit “Squid Game” originated from a Japanese film in 2014? Yes, you guessed it right, its name is precisely “As the Gods Will,” a fun and original movie that combines action, dark comedy, and of course, horror.


A group of students find themselves caught in a terrifying game where, with no apparent rules, they face a dangerous game that kills them one by one. The objective is to uncover the meaning of the game before it reaches its end.

But everything changes when the survivors are taken to a large cube suspended in the air.

About the film

Entertaining, original, and one of those movies that has gained more followers since its release. “As the Gods Will” is a film that knows how to appeal to a young audience, a horror movie created for them, with them as the protagonists, where, as you may have imagined, they have to solve all the problems in the face of the systematic helplessness of the adults.

“As the Gods Will” is a film that combines video games with horror and, taking ideas from other movies (“Cube,” for example), it takes an original script that is fun and attractive at all times. Surprise after surprise, it is one of those films that, even if you don’t like horror, will make you stay to solve the big philosophical question that the film poses: what the hell is happening here?

“As the Gods Will” is a movie that seeks impact at all times and, after its initial explosion, twists and tries to go “further” without fully succeeding but maintaining interest with new surprises that will captivate younger viewers.

It is not a movie for a more adult audience, who may find all of this a bit “silly” and maybe too focused on a horror movie exclusively for teenagers, but “As the Gods Will” has enough arguments to at least deserve a viewing: it has a great visual proposal, achieved effects, and good sets. It also has the undeniable virtue of originality and, for once in the horror genre, it is not “more of the same.”

Our opinion

An original, fun, and unusual film that will provide you with excellent entertainment, at the very least: original and surprising in its proposal.

As the Gods Will
As the Gods Will

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