9dcc Launches First-Ever On-Chain Luxury Fashion Collection in Paris

Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra
Style Martin Cid Magazine
Style Martin Cid Magazine

 is thrilled to unveil a collection of “Networked Products” that fuses fashion with lifestyle during the upcoming NFT Paris and Paris Fashion Week 2024, marking a debut that masterfully blends effortless luxury with digital innovation. Conceived by the visionary mind of gmoney, the first crypto-centric luxury brand presents a landmark “full fashion collection on-chain,” setting a historic milestone in the world of high fashion and emerging technology.

With over 60 pieces, the debut collection from 9dcc exudes a confident and edgy vibe, perfectly suited for the trailblazers, visionaries, the rebels of today and the taste-makers of tomorrow. Designed for those at the forefront of revolutionizing conventions and establishing new benchmarks across the digital landscape and fashion industry, this collection captures the spirit of ‘Luxury Disruption.’

Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra

9dcc: Made for the Crypto-Mob

9dcc transcends the ordinary to craft a compelling narrative that deeply resonates with an underserved, emerging demographic. The brand’s lifestyle is personified in the ethos of the ‘crypto mob,’ where 9dcc celebrates those bold enough to challenge the established order. This commitment to dressing disruptors for success by empowering a new generation embracing decentralization is intricately embedded in 9dcc’s essence. By harmoniously blending inspirations from across the globe, from the intrigue of the Yakuza street style to the charisma of timeless gangster cinema, 9dcc curates an offering that is not just at the cutting edge of fashion but also serves as a milestone for a changing generation. This rich amalgamation of influences not only shapes 9dcc’s signature style but also cements its position as a pivotal cultural icon, mirroring the interconnectedness of the contemporary world.

Targeting modern mavericks and ‘Zuck types’ who aspire to a formidable presence as they unveil innovative concepts, the collection appeals to “future gangsters” who prefer subtlety over ostentation, yet command any room with their presence. 9dcc empowers them to channel a potent, understated coolness, seamlessly blending the intensity of their ideas with the understated elegance of their attire.

Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra

Collection 01 Overview

The 9dcc Collection 01 for Fall 2024 – an exquisite lineup of limited edition, NFC-chipped “Networked Products” that seamlessly integrate with the 9dcc platform. This season, we focus on the fusion of luxury materials and high-end craftsmanship, offering a range of products sourced from the finest fabrics from around the globe (Italy, Japan and US).

Outerwear & Suiting:

  • Navy Balmacaan Coats: Crafted from a premium wool blend, 9dcc’s subverted classic overcoats are the epitome of sophistication, providing a touch of classic mobster style.
  • Black Leather Vest and Bomber Jackets: A statement of luxury and function, reinterpreting the humble utility vest but elevating it in leather. Our sleek bomber jacket is a nod to the rebellious spirit within refined elegance.
  • Midnight Blue and Sage Green Satin Dobby Bombers: These water-repellent bombers shine in lustrous midnight blue and sage green, offering a perfect luxury in a slouchy oversized silhouette
  • Glen Plaid & Pinstripe Blazers and Breakaway Pants: With meticulous tailoring and a modern twist on a classic design, these pieces redefine crypto-mob sophistication

Denim Collection:

  • From jeans to trucker jackets, this collection emphasizes sustainability and style, all produced in the USA using American denim
  • Collection includes Printed Denim Truckers and 5 Pocket Jeans using individually art crafted of digitally demolished cars from iconic mafia cinema to imbue these pieces with a unique, one-of-a-kind flair, making each item a collector’s piece.

Expansion of Core Items:

  • The expansion of our successful previous drops include luxury t-shirts in an assortment of seasonal colors, limited edition graphic prints, and all feature elevated accents that inspire confidence in the quality and finishes.
  • Oversized Hoodies and Sweatpants are lined for comfort and designed with a slouchy fit that redefines casual luxury and select items feature unique art patterns.


  • Featuring the signature 9dcc 6-panel structure, NFC chip, and metal hardware accents, 9dcc’s high-coveted Baseball Caps Collection has expanded to include:
    • A sleek Black Leather Baseball Cap
    • Vibrant Satin Baseball Caps in sage and midnight
    • Wool Blend Baseball Caps range in color from cobalt to cream
    • Bucket Hats in olive, yellow, black and cobalt
    • Specially designed Leather Belts available in 20 mm and 40 mm with grommet details


  • 9dcc Essentials are designed for ultimate comfort and a custom-fit feel.
    • Tank Tops available in black and white for both men and women
    • 100% cotton “Boxer Shorts on the Blockchain” offer unparalleled comfort and secure design
Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra
Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra
Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra
Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra

A Full Collection of Networked Products

Personifying a “connected experience,” 9dcc’s debut collection stands as a testament to the brand’s innovative ‘Networked Product’ concept, integrating the tangible with the digital through blockchain authentication. Collaborating with IYK*, 9dcc has embedded NFC chip technology into its high-quality garments, creating a link to their digital entities on the Ethereum blockchain and more. The innovation lies in the NFC chips discretely woven into each garment, which, when scanned, grants access to the exclusive digital asset associated with the product. This technology transcends the traditional scope of loyalty programs by offering verified authenticity, enhanced access to the brand, and networking opportunities within the 9dcc ecosystem. Owners of 9dcc are granted entry into an elite community, opening channels for direct communication and perks from gmoney and the 9dcc brand. This initiative exemplifies gmoney’s commitment to establishing an authentic, luxury experience deeply rooted in culture and enabled by blockchain.

Selections from the 9dcc Collection 01 Lookbook photographed by Aldo Carerra

“Technology is becoming increasingly intertwined with our daily lives,” shares gmoney, CEO of 9dcc. “The essence of future luxury lies in convenience. Our vision for fashion is to bridge connections with culture, unlock new opportunities, and foster deeper interactions with our surroundings. ‘Networked Products’ was established on these core beliefs, and we have propelled the 9dcc platform to the forefront of connected experiences, positioning us years ahead of traditional luxury brands. We’re charting a new course for how fashion houses engage with their audiences by venturing into a realm where the value of fandom surpasses that of mere transactions.”

Exclusive Preview and Purchase Opportunities at NFT Paris

Attendees of NFT Paris 2024, held at the Grand Palais Ephemere February 23 and 24, and Paris Fashion Week (February 25-29) will be afforded the exclusive opportunity to explore and acquire pieces from 9dcc’s premiere collection in an exclusive pre-sale. Set against the backdrop of the most prestigious events in the fashion and Web3 space, this debut is anticipated to be among the most buzzworthy, beautifully showcasing the future of luxury in the digital innovation era.

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