RSVLTS and Toei Animation Celebrate “One Piece” 25th Anniversary with Exclusive Apparel Collection

A Swashbuckling Tribute to an Anime Legend

Today marks an exciting milestone in the world of anime and pop culture apparel. RSVLTS (Roosevelts), known for their high-quality licensed and unlicensed pop culture clothing since 2012, has teamed up with renowned anime studio Toei Animation to launch a highly anticipated collection in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the globally acclaimed anime series, “One Piece.” This collaboration introduces a five-shirt button-down collection crafted in RSVLTS’ signature KUNUFLEX™ material, renowned for being soft, stretchy, and resilient against shrinking or fading.

The collection is now available for purchase online at and via the RSVLTS app on both iOS and Android platforms.

“We’re excited to partner with RSVLTS on this special ‘One Piece’ shirt collection,” said Jennifer Yang, Senior Manager, Licensing for Toei Animation Inc. “RSVLTS is well known for its pop culture apparel and this unique ‘One Piece’ collaboration will now offer anime fans a new way to not only express their love for the series but also celebrate its 25th anniversary.”

With this apparel collection, fans can join the adventure aboard the Thousand Sunny, commemorating the anime’s milestone with designs that encapsulate the essence of “One Piece.” From iconic Straw Hat motifs and Luffy-inspired graphics to whimsical Den Den Mushi patterns, this collection is a treasure trove for any “One Piece” enthusiast.

“One Piece” | RSVLTS Collection – Details & Background

Each shirt in the collection is available in both classic (unisex) and women’s sizes and styles. Here are the highlights:

“One Piece” | RSVLTS – “Two Years Later”

The casual viewer might think this shirt is covered in a bunch of Straw Hat crew character stickers. The true fan will recognize that the post-reunion collage style is actually based on Bartolomeo’s hilarious reaction to Robin’s wink in Dressrosa. We think we know which one you are…wink.

“One Piece” | RSVLTS – “Lil Straw Hats”

Remember when you thought tricornes, eyepatches, and shoulder parrots were pirate prerequisites? Little did you know all you needed to command your own crew was a hand-me-down straw hat…and skin like rubber, of course. Inspired by the East Blue, this button-down features Luffy’s signature shade maker amidst a sea of his Jolly Roger, proving that even little things – and characters – can be absolutely epic.

“One Piece” | RSVLTS – “Puru-Puru-Puru”

Your favorite Den Den Mushi is calling, and it’s got some shell-shocking news – you’re about to be the envy of the Four Blues! This eye-catching design features your favorite transponder snails in all their multi-colored glory. Question: What happens if you drop your Den Den Mushi in the toilet? Asking for a friend…

“One Piece” | RSVLTS – “Shh! I Am Lucy”

Ahhh, Dressrosa – the land of passion, toys, and… gladiator disguises? When Luffy went undercover in the Corrida Colosseum, he proved that sometimes the best way to infiltrate a warlord’s inner circle is with a fake beard and a whole lot of guts. Now, you can channel your inner “Lucy” in this button-down featuring a floral foreground that’ll look familiar. But take a closer look and you’ll spy Luffy himself in all his gladiatorial glory, striking poses and taking names.

“One Piece” | RSVLTS – “We Go!”

You know the show like the back of your hand, so you’ll certainly have no problem identifying the back of your favorite characters. Let your crew flag fly with this soft and stretchy button-down that features the whole 10-person Straw Hat squad looking out towards their next adventure.

“We’re beyond thrilled for this debut RSVLTS collaboration with ‘One Piece,’ especially since it’s also in honor of the 25th Anniversary of such a beloved and storied franchise,” said Mike Shriner, Director of Communications for RSVLTS. “While the live-action series last year was an absolute breakout sensation, our apparel collection fully captures the essence of the original, beloved animated series, and includes some deep-cut imagery and easter eggs across the designs that we feel all ‘One Piece’ fanatics will enjoy. We go!”

In conclusion, this collaboration between RSVLTS and Toei Animation offers fans an exciting new way to celebrate their favorite anime series. With high-quality, detailed designs and a nod to some of the most beloved moments and characters from “One Piece,” this collection is a must-have for any true fan. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this iconic anime’s history.

Molly Se-kyung
Molly Se-kyung
Molly Se-kyung is a novelist and film and television critic. She is also in charge of the style sections.
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