The Fabricant and Guild Launch ‘Master Peace’ A Fusion of Tradition and Digital Craftsmanship

The Fabricant and Guild Launch ‘Master Peace’ A Fusion of Tradition and Digital Craftsmanship

Amsterdam, Netherlands January 25th 2024 – GUILD and The Fabricant  are set to launch a unique collection “Master Peace”, a collaboration that fuses GUILD’s distinctive style and mystical vision with The Fabricant’s cutting-edge digital craftsmanship, creating a collection where echoes of the past intertwine with whispers of the future. 

The journey begins with the release of two Sphere hats, digital twins of Guild’s staple item, named the ‘Warrior of Light’ and ‘Contemporary Knight’. These limited-edition digital collectibles will be available for minting starting January 30th exclusively on The Fabricant Platform. The Master Peace collection will also feature more AR wearables coming in 2024. 

‘Master Peace’ A Fusion of Tradition and Digital Craftsmanship
‘Master Peace’ A Fusion of Tradition and Digital Craftsmanship

Marking GUILD’s entry into the world of digital fashion via The Fabricant Platform, this collection serves as a powerful example of how fashion can extend beyond threads and fabrics and create a unique moment in time. The narrative behind this digital collection explores the importance of mastering one’s peace to experience life as a masterpiece. Each artifact serves as a visual reminder that peace is not something to be found, it is embracing the essence of who we truly are. 

Sten Karik, Founder of GUILD says, “We’ve been part of the creative digital fashion community for a few years now, and the people are very different from the traditional fashion world. Zero arrogance, pure openness to new ideas and collaborations.” 

“Since the beginning of the brand 14 years ago, we’ve been launching very magical collections that unite a sense of legacy with a vision of tomorrow every now and then. Creating some of those things in real life has been quite a challenge, but the possibilities in the digital realm are endless! And this is what’s most fascinating about virtual fashion. You can do anything, and it can reach anyone anywhere in the world.“ – Sten Karik, Founder of GUILD 

Collectors will now have the opportunity to participate in the original minting process of the first drop of the Master Peace collection, on January 30th, choosing between the ‘Warrior of Light’ and ‘Contemporary Knight’, available for purchase in limited edition, both accompanied by AR filters for immediate wearing.

Established in 2012 by Sten Karik and Joan Hint, GUILD functions as both an atelier and design house, bringing together Reval Denim Guild and Guild Hattery. Their dedication to excellence and ethical innovation resonates in their creations—modern yet enduring clothing crafted from natural materials in the Hanseatic town of Tallinn. In 2018, The Fabricant emerged as a pioneer in the digital fashion landscape. The partnership with GUILD serves as a connection between eras, blending forgotten nobility with avant-garde elements.

Kerry Murphy, CEO of The Fabricant, notes, “We are committed to reshaping the fashion landscape.”

This collaboration between GUILD and The Fabricant brings together old-school craftsmanship with modern style. By mixing forgotten elegance with today’s casual wear, this collection shows how fashion can be both classic and current. GUILD’s focus on quality and ethics, paired with The Fabricant’s cutting-edge digital fashion, sets a new standard for the industry. The user experience, where people can engage with digital fashion, lets individuals shape their own fashion stories and creativity. This collaboration is a statement about how fashion can be inclusive, sustainable, and blend tradition with modern creativity. As people join in this mix of real and virtual experiences, they’re part of a story that’s reshaping what fashion means in our world today.

“The collection reflects our unique sense of style, the possibilities of digital fashion, and the times we live in. What’s happening in the world affects us all, and we’re presented with a choice: to allow us to be dragged into collective chaos or to stay present, calm, and centered.” – Joan Hint co-founder of Guild

The Warrior of Light and Contemporary Knight will be available for purchase in limited edition from January 30th. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this fusion of tradition and digital craftsmanship.

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