The Fabricant Reinvents ‘DEEP’ Collection With Cutting-Edge AI Innovation

The pioneering digital fashion house, utilizes the combined power of AI, human designers, and state-of-the-art technology, offering a prime example of how cultural trends are evolving in the age of artificial intelligence

Amsterdam, Netherlands December 20th 2023 – The Fabricant, a leader of high-quality digital fashion, is presenting a reinterpretation of its first AI designed collection from 2017 DEEP’ on December 20th on The Fabricant platform. In this reinterpretation, The Fabricant breathes new life into the seven iconic looks from their original DEEP series by Amber Jae Slooten, using the latest AI tools and technology. 

Long before the AI hype, The Fabricant laid the foundation for DEEP. The journey began in 2017 when The Fabricant delved into the realm of AI, collaborating with The Asimov Institute, a non-profit AI research institute exploring the intersection of deep learning and creativity. The algorithm was fed with 1500 images from Paris Fashion Week 2017 shows, and by employing trial and error, it generated 2D pixelated images that served as inspiration for the collection. 

The new collection, DEEP 2023 represents a journey through time, building on the past while embracing the latest AI tools available—midjourney, Adobefirefly and stable diffusion. This new rise of AI-powered creativity took the concept of the collaboration to new heights. Instead of pixelated images, the computer now generated highly detailed garments and scenes. The Computer was the muse for Creative Director Amber Jae Slooten.The designers at The Fabricant took these generated images and fed the new ideas back to the computer. Blurring the lines between man and machine, Instead of pixelated images, the computer now generated highly detailed garments and scenes. 

“As fashion design is democratized, the difference between good and bad will be defined by taste and attitude. New fashion creators will emerge but only those with creativity and vision will prevail.” Amber Slooten, Creative Director The Fabricant

DEEP is not just a collection; it symbolizes The Fabricant’s commitment to innovation, continuously using the latest technology to scale the digital fashion sector and its pioneering position in the digital fashion landscape. The Fabricant’s recent announcement of their partnership with NVIDIA, through its prestigious Inception Program, further solidifies its stance as a leader in AI-driven fashion, enabling continual growth and innovation.

“The tools have progressed so much that we evolved from Creators to Curators.” Kerry Murphy, CEO The Fabricant

Acquiring items from the DEEP Collection not only grants exclusive visuals but also access to AR wearables and priority eligibility for upcoming drops

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