TRAME Joins Forces with CPG Community

  • TRAME collaborates with CPG to unite sought-after creators and buyers on a destination for high-end design and limited edition art
  • The partnership will launch with artist collections created exclusively for TRAME that will be unveiled at series of exhibitions at major art fairs in 2023 and 2024

Paris, France November 21st—  TRAME is thrilled to announce its acquisition of the Club CPG community, bringing a highly sought-after audience and strategic network to their dynamic and pioneering digital hub at the intersection of art, design, technology, and craft. This partnership marks the inception of TRAME’s journey as both a gallery and a partner for collaboration.

TRAME x CPG will unite a diverse community of contemporary voices, including artists, designers, architects, and artisans, with the shared goal of crafting limited-edition physical design pieces and artworks with digital provenance. Expect forthcoming releases from acclaimed designers and artists on TRAME debuting at art fairs in prominent global cities such as Miami, Paris, Marrakech, and New York, with additional locations to be revealed in the near future.

TRAME places immense value on co-creation, uniting diverse contemporary voices with the realms of traditional craft and cutting-edge digital technologies. Guided by thoughtful curation, TRAME charts a course toward a future that reveres tradition while embracing innovation. 

CPG’s mission is to cultivate networks and opportunities within the consumer web3 industry. Club CPG originated as a network of founders, operators, and venture capitalists hosting industry discussions during the pandemic, evolving into a tokenized community in 2021. The CPG Accelerator has since supported the growth of hundreds of startups, producing content, workshops, awards and more, alongside industry thought leaders. The community has enjoyed a multitude of events and CPG’s branded physical releases. 

The collaboration between TRAME and CPG traces back to 2022 when the two brands united for “Craft Nouveau”—a project with artist and technologist Alexis André, fusing generative art and craft. This venture saw events hosted in Paris, Milan, and Lisbon. As they continued to collaborate, it became evident that the synergy between their extensive networks and skills would make them even more formidable together.

“As someone deeply rooted in Fez, Morocco—the very heart of craftsmanship—I hold a profound passion for the future of art, design, and artisanal craft. As a dedicated member of CPG, I firmly believe that this community will play a pivotal role, evident in our Craft Nouveau series,” says TRAME co-founder Ismail Tazi, who will continue to serve as CEO post-merger.

CPG co-founders Chris Cantino and Jaime Schmidt will offer their expertise as advisors to TRAME x CPG, joined by distinguished figures like Ian Rogers, Asad Syrkett, Yoko Choy, Tony Chambers, gmoney of 9dcc, Sofia Garcia of ARTXCODE, and Erick Calderone of Art Blocks. TRAME has also raised capital from 1kx, FlamingoDAO, and Seed Club. 

“We are thrilled to reinforce our contributions to this significant chapter in art history by bridging the digital realm with our physical world. We are convinced that visionaries at the intersection of generative art and craftsmanship will be celebrated by future generations,” remarks Chris Cantino

TRAME co-founder Adnane Tazi will retain his position as COO. Adnane’s enduring enthusiasm for both digital fabrication and fine craftsmanship led him to TRAME after establishing robust operations for Rocket Internet ventures in South Asia and Africa.

TRAME is expanding its global reach with the addition of Jaime Derringer as Head of Brand & Editor-in-Chief. A celebrated entrepreneur in the design sphere, Jaime’s illustrious journey from Design Milk to Tonic reflects her enduring support for generative and digital art. Her leadership promises to infuse TRAME with storytelling prowess, boundless energy, and visionary direction.

To learn more about TRAME x CPG and stay informed about upcoming events and releases, visit

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