Chandrakant Jha, “The Butcher of Delhi”

Chandrakant Jha, known as ‘The Butcher of Delhi’, killed and dismembered 7 people between1998 a 2007.

A man who was twice married, and fathered five daughters, who made a living as a street vendor in the bazaars in Delhi, Chandrakant Jha has become an infamous serial killer in India. He had been sentenced for a murder he committed in 1998, but was soon released in 2002, and absolved due to lack of evidence.

Once released he went on a killing spree. Easily triggered, things such as, if a person smoked or was not a vegetarian, would be enough of an excuse for him to strangle them to death, proceed to then dismember their corpses, and scatter the body parts in different locations of the city. One of the recurring places where he would leave body parts was outside the Tahir Jail, and he would attach notes for the police to find, mocking and challenging them to catch him.

What Motivated Chandrakant Jha to Kill?

As mentioned, Chandrakant Jha was easily triggered, and by all appearances any excuse was enough for this father of five, to go about his unthinkable crimes. Small quarrels and inane habits of his prospective victims, would set him off. Note though, that he would often befriend his victims, even assist them in getting jobs, before going about his bloody actions.

The Sentence

Jha was finally sentenced in 2013 on three counts of murder, and was initially sentenced to death. This was ultimately changed in 2016 to life in prison, without possibility for parole.

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