The Fabricant | Fashion that goes digital while inspiring new trends in real life attire

They refer to themselves as ‘fashionauts’. The term is rather self-explanatory. It meshes good old fashion with a cosmic approach, and a huge hint of aspiring sustainability.

The Fabricant is a digital fashion house located in Amsterdam, Netherlands that was founded in 2018 by Amber Jae Slooten and Kerry Murphy*. It specializes in producing high-end digital fashion, which is sold as NFTs. Although, one can also order IRL outfits now.

The Fabricant

The goal of the company is to ignite a fashion revolution through co-creation, in its belief that digital fashion can provide a more sustainable and inclusive alternative to traditional fashion. By eliminating the need for physical materials or resources, digital fashion can be enjoyed and worn by individuals of all body sizes and shapes, thereby democratizing it.

The Fabricant

Having seen some of their impressive designs, I must admit that if I lived in the metaverse or some other matrix-like environment, I would not think twice before buying their attire. The variety, the colors, the fabrics and their folds and sways can only, thus far, exist with such flair in a digital context. They are simply impressive, and alluring.

It is not all limited to the digital clothing, as there are, too, outfits and accessories that are made to be worn in real life.

Accessories featured in Vogue Singapore in 2022

The Fabricant
Photography @zemotion | Fashion design and digital dressing @the_fab_ric_an
The Fabricant
Photography @zemotion | Fashion design and digital dressing @the_fab_ric_ant
The Fabricant
Simo Leather Jacket

The brand has collaborated with renowned brands like Adidas, H&M, and Off-White, establishing themselves as a prominent player in the industry. And they have not gone ignored by the fashionistas du jour, being featured in Vogue and Wired.

The Fabricant
Landing – CTA – Sample of Digital fabric

In addition to selling digital fashion, The Fabricant has developed a platform called The Fabricant Studio. This innovative platform enables anyone to create their own digital fashion designs. These designs can then be transformed into NFTs and sold on the marketplace. If it is a lucrative endeavor, for a lay person who leans on good old denim, is difficult to say.

One thing is certain, they are at the forefront of what the future of fashion in our digital era can be, and might propel fashion to new heights in real life, allowing the imagination to take forms before unseen.

The Founders

The Fabricant
Amber Jae Slooten, Co-Founder; Kerry Murphy, Founder; Adriana Hoppenbrouwer – Pereira, Co-Founder

*Correction notice: The name has been corrected to Kerry Murphy (Co-founder and CEO).

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